A Blissful Life Is Within Reach

Personal Coaching with Christiana Kelley

Meet Christiana

Personal Growth Coach

I struggled to be happy my whole life. I suffered from depression, a negative mindset, and a heck of a lot of  unhealed trauma weighing me down.

In 2018, I went through my second dark night of the soul, leading to my awakening, and an epic transformation.

In June 2019, I told one of my healers that "I had a commitment to melancholy." Fast forward to 2021, I am overjoyed most days, as my regular state of being.

It is my wish to help you to live in this bliss as well.


Do you want your life to feel like a dream come true? 

The right relationship, job, or house can't bring you this feeling. 

It comes from the inside!

“Christiana always guides me back to the light, from the head to the heart. She is a great supporter, and guide on my healing journey."

- Miranda Gerottie

"Christiana has helped me shift my perspective from darkness, fear and hopelessness, to hope, love and gratitude. She guides me toward solutions through her inner wisdom and own experiences without judgemtent or criticism.”

- Alison Tietjers

"Working with Christiana has been an integral part of my healing journey. She holds a sacred space for me to express my emotions, and gives me practical tools to grow in self-love.

- Shay Jackson